Dozer Sleeping Bear

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Dozer Sleeping Bear

Dozer Sleeping Bear is a lovely soft plush teddy bear from the Bliss Bears Collection from Heartfelt Europe. Dozer Sleeping Bear can be positioned in a number of poses but his favourite is lying down and resting his weary head on his paws so that he can take a well-earned forty winks. Dozer Sleeping Bear has eyes that are bearly open and covered with cloth eyelids. Dozer has long cream plush and soft cream paw pads with beans in all four paws and his stomach.

brand: Trendle

short_description: Dozer Sleeping Bear has eyelids that are bearly open - just another short nap before my next big cud

delivery_period: 1-3 days

delivery_cost: 1.99

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best_sellers: 193

size: 18""

Price this gift - 20.95 GBP

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